Everyone Loves The Clutch

See Why The Most Reputable Publications and Largest Influencers Are Raving About The Clutch!

The Clutch by Delta Children is a lightweight foldable baby stroller that is compact enough to bring anywhere you go! At just over 11 lbs. it includes an easy travel bag making it the most convenient stroller out there! Compare to GB Pockit and see why the largest publications and influencers love it!

Articles and Round-Ups

Fatherly, the popular go-to outlet for parenting advice, suggestions and recommendations can't get enough of The Clutch Stroller!

The Clutch was highlighted in two recent articles titled "5 New Strollers We Absolutely Love" and "Best New Baby Gear of 2019" with top reviews.

Editor's say: "Maybe it takes a furniture company to make an eminently packable stroller. If so, Delta Children did it with its Clutch Stroller. Tipping the scales at 11.7 pounds, it’s feather-light compared to others its size, and unless you see it folded up, it’s hard to imagine something so robust collapsing into a six-by-15-by-20-inch package. Whether you’re headed across or out of town, smaller is clearly better."


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CNN says "This foldable stroller makes jet-setting easy peasy. It folds smaller than a pillow and weighs only 11 pounds." while assuring new parents that traveling with kids doesn't have to be difficult, if you do it right.
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The widely trusted publication, Forbes, recommends the compact, foldable stroller as a mother's day gift for new moms saying "This is a great gift for that special mom who is always on the go!"

Celebrities and Influencers

JWOWW loves The Clutch

Famous TV-star turned trusted mommy influencer, JWOWW (Jenni Farley), calls The Clutch the "Best Stroller for Disney" after bringing it on a recent trip with her daughter.

GB Pockit vs Clutch

Largely followed mom workout enthusiast, Kristy Ardo, raves about The Clutch saying "How cool is this compact clutch stroller from @deltachildren? So small it can fit in a grocery bag! Woo! #momwin"

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The popular healthy living and mom blogger tells her followers that she is "so thankful for this new stroller ... from @deltachildren. I don’t like lugging my big jogging stroller all the time, and this one folds up smaller than an average shopping bag! It can be up/down in about 2 seconds (which is handy when you’re wrangling toddlers), and comes with a travel bag."

Mommy influencer, Christian Mulkey, shared with fans that The Clutch is "perfect for traveling", "so easy to move" and "we are obsessed with it!"

The motherhood and family lifestyle blogger says "This stroller is the MOST compact stroller + it’s SO easy to fold and unfold"

Fashion, beauty, and motherhood influencer, Mary, tells her followers all about The Clutch, saying "It folds up into a tiny little carrying bag! This is NOT an umbrella stroller(I seriously hate those so so much!!). It’s much sturdier, has a little place underneath to carry things, and is perfect for traveling and anytime you don’t have extra room. If you’re like me, you get so tired of lugging those big giant strollers around everywhere when your kids are young. This is a great alternative to bulkier strollers, especially when your babies get a little bigger."

Travel blogger and mom, Nicki Odom, reccommends The Clutch to parents with "If you’re looking for a compact but durable stroller to travel with, this is it people!✈️". She also discusses all of it's amazing features and explains why she loves it so much, calling it "amazing for our on-the-go lifestyle" and going into details about her travel expereince: "It folds up to as small as a messenger back and could fit in overhead bins on all of our flights and when I needed it, I just pulled it out of the bag and popped it open in 2 seconds. Caroline loves it as well, she slept in it during half of our travel. Thank you to @deltachildren for making my vacation less stressful and producing a product that worked so well for us!"