Every Baby Deserves a Safe Place to Sleep Every Baby Deserves a Safe Place to Sleep

Since Delta Children was founded in 1968, we have been devoted to one mission: finding a safe place for every baby to sleep. This involves both manufacturing the safest products for babies and children, as well as donating product to children in unsafe environments.

In 2012, we formalized these efforts and established "The Safe Sleep Campaign". Today, we are proud to continue this nationwide effort to educate parents on the importance of creating safe sleep conditions for their children, backed with a commitment to donate product to families in need.

For every product you purchase, a portion of our proceeds goes towards building a safe sleep environment for children around the world. To date, more than $4 million worth of product and monetary donations have been made.

The crib is often the one place your child is alone without supervision. It's our mission to be the safest brand in juvenile furniture and make sure parents are educated on the dos and don'ts of a safe nursery. See below for life saving safety tips for your child.