6 Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

6 Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

There is nothing worse than hearing the inevitable “Mom, I’m bored!” on a beautiful spring day. Sometimes, your kids just need something new and exciting to keep them entertained. Take advantage of time at home with these fun springtime craft ideas.

1. Art Show

Let littles display their best work in an at-home art show! Set each sibling up an easel or activity center with paper and coloring supplies and let their imaginations run wild. One they're finished, host an 'opening night' and display their art for a couple days to let them show it off to the rest of the family. Once the week is up, encourage them to create something new and start the process over.

2. Tie-Dye

If you’re looking for a craft idea that will be fun for kids (and adults!) of all ages, tie-dye is the activity for you. It’s easy, fun, inexpensive, and a quick clean up if you do it outside! All you need are white cotton clothes like t-shirts, socks, or bandanas, a dye kit from your local craft store, rubber bands, a few large containers, and Ziploc bags. Your little ones can try to follow one of the classic spiral or bull’s eye designs, or they can just have fun with all the colors and make up their own unique designs. The best part about this activity is everyone can wear their very own design to show off their unique creativity.

3. Painted Rocks

Though it might sound like a boring activity, rock painting is an easy springtime craft that can actually keep your child entertained for hours. Send them outside to collect all the coolest rocks they can find, and then challenge them to turn each rock into a different animal or design. Add googly eyes, pipe cleaners, or glitter for an extra touch. Once your little one has painted a whole set of stony friends, they can play with these new creatures or even keep one as a “pet rock” and water or feed it like they would a real pet. Older kids can do a mini Easter egg hunt if you hide all their painted rocks around the house or yard. Painting rocks also requires almost zero supplies if you already have paint, and your little one will never run out of canvas because they can just keep finding more rocks outside!

4. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are the best portable springtime activity for all children - from young kids working on their fine motor skills to teens looking to impress their friends. All you need is an assortment of colorful string, scissors, and tape. Younger kids can braid or knot the string, and older kids can learn from hundreds of different designs like stripes, hearts, V-shapes, and so many more. These little bracelets can be made practically anywhere and are perfect for beach days, long car rides, and play dates. Plus, they work as great homemade gifts for your kiddo to make for grandma, grandpa or anyone else important to them.

5. Bubble Painting

If your kids love painting and love bubbles, then this easy craft is the perfect solution to a summer day slump. All you need is clear dishwashing soap, corn syrup, food coloring, cups, straws, and thick paper. This activity works great both outside on pavement or inside on newspaper. Because the bubble paint is homemade, your kids can decide how bright to make their colors and what combinations to create. Then, when your soapy solution is ready, dip your straws and blow bubbles all over the page! The bubbles create cool circle designs and have a splatter paint effect when they pop, leaving you with beautiful unique artwork you’ll actually want to hang on your fridge. If your kids are really into it, encourage them to tape down designs with painter’s tape then paint over it, leaving a beautiful white space image when they pull the tape up later.

6. Gnome Homes & Fairy Houses

If you’re looking for a summer craft that requires no prep, no cleanup, and no supplies, send your child outside to make Gnome Homes and Fairy Houses in your backyard. Boost your child’s imagination by suggesting these elusive creatures might be out there somewhere looking for a nice place to sleep and encourage your little one to use anything they can find in the yard to build a happy home for their magical friends. For a special touch, go out later that night and add glitter or foot prints to your child’s creation to convince them that maybe a fairy really did spend the night in the house they made. This activity is great for keeping your child busy when they are by themselves, or as a group competition for play dates with a special prize for the best gnome home.


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