How to Keep Your Child Motivated in School

How many times have you heard your child complain about school? There’s too much homework, the classes are boring, and waking up early is not ideal. However, education is important—it provides your child with the information necessary to tackle the challenges they’ll face. To help your child make the most of their education, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you keep your child motivated in school.


1. Celebrate Achievements

Keep your child motivated in school by celebrating milestones. Did your kid just ace their recent math test? Did they receive a great score on a project they spent weeks working on? Did they win their first spelling bee? Celebrate these moments and reward your kid for their accomplishments. They will feel motivated to work harder to achieve the next milestone. There are plenty of toy options that will help your child feel special as they play and learn. 


2. Stay Positive

Admittedly, school isn’t a series of accolades; your child is bound to make mistakes. The important thing is to remain positive when these troubling moments arise. If you get disappointed in your kid for making an error, they’ll have a hard time staying motivated in school and become fearful of making mistakes. Rather, we suggest approaching your kid’s error with positivity. Sit and talk with them about what went wrong, but more importantly, what they can change for the future. Show your child that mistakes at school are opportunities to learn and grow, and they’ll become more motivated in school.

Also, getting a table for your child could help them stay focused on their own space while having a place to sit and talk to them when you need to.

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3. Show Your Child Why Learning is Important

If your child comes home and asks why they have to learn a subject they’re struggling in, don’t brush them off with a simple answer like “because the school wants you to.” Take the time to show your child that what they’re learning is important. For instance, if your child is complaining about reading assignments being too long and difficult, hand them a newspaper or have them browse the web to teach them that reading is everywhere.

If your child is questioning the importance of math, show them a receipt or the phone bill to prove that doing calculations is an essential skill and part of everyday life. While it may be more time-consuming, explaining to your child why an education is important provides a justification to their classwork and homework, which can help them stay motivated in school.


4. Remind Your Child to Take Breaks

Don’t expect your child to study for hours in a row. If your kid seems burnt out from their work or is stumped by a difficult problem, they'll benefit from a restful break. Have them draw a picture, play around, or simply sit down and close their eyes. Taking breaks helps your kid alleviate the frustration that can come with a tedious homework question, and they’ll be even more motivated to go for another attempt after their break. 



5. Set up a comfortable space for homework

A well-designed workspace ensures that your child is physically comfortable while studying or completing homework. This includes having an ergonomic chair and desk at an appropriate height, proper lighting, and a clutter-free environment. Physical discomfort can be a significant distraction and hinder their motivation to engage in school tasks.

These are just some ways to help keep your child motivated in school. Going to school isn’t always the most exciting part of your kid’s day, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Is there anything that you use to keep your child motivated in school? Let us know in the comments section below.

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