Affordable Hands-On DIYs for Kids

Keeping your kids entertained can be quite difficult at times. With a lot of kids’ time spent using technology nowadays, we’ve compiled some ideas to help change that up, attempt something new, and have some hands-on fun! We think you and your kids will love these activities!

Hands-on art activities such as DIYs (Do It Yourself activities) help you save money, help children develop new skills, and can be personalized to their liking. To do these activities, children need concentration and comfort, so be sure to get a table and chair set or activity desk that fits your kids' needs.  

Get creative and look for multifunctional desks, which will help you save space while keeping your little one happy, focused, and entertained. How about an activity table and desk with a toy keep, a white and chalk board, a removable cup supply for art supplies, or a storage bin underneath! 

At Delta Children, many of these sets come with extra chairs, so siblings or friends can make DIYs too, and play along with your kid. Having company makes the experience more special. 



Slime is one of the most popular toys that’s loved by people of all ages. Creating basic white slime is an easy task and this sensory toy only requires 3 ingredients: Glue, Contact saline solution, and baking soda. Extras such as food coloring or colored pigments, glitter, colored beads, fragrance oils, foam cubes, clay, or charms can be added to make the slime more mesmerizing. The ASMR and touching sensation can help calm kids down. We recommend supervising as children are playing with their new creations and limiting slime to only being played with on a table to prevent messes.


Accessories such as jewelry help people and kids alike express their style and individuality. When your kids create their own jewelry pieces, they can wear them and show off their work to others. Maybe they will create matching sets or friendship bracelets to give away. You can purchase beads and strings separately or together in jewelry-making kits.

Using different colored, shaped, and sized beads can help kids can explore what they prefer and practice decision-making skills There are many ways to assemble and arrange the different combinations as kids can create necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. They can make jewelry for themselves and for you to wear and cherish. Jewelry is a magical confidence-boosting tool and making it can be so much fun! 


DIY kids


Science Experiments

Conducting a science experiment is a wonderful way to satisfy your kid’s curiosity. Science incorporates goal setting, planning, and problem-solving to answer questions as to why something happens or looks the way it does. They promote discovering answers through analytical skills such as observations and examinations. Children are inherently curious and want to seek and gain more knowledge, helping them become smarter. Some easily accessible DIY experiments include creating a lava lamp, making homemade ice cream, creating color-changing plants, or making an exploding volcano.

These experiments are also great preparation for science fairs your children may be part of as they move up through grade school! Who knows, maybe they will win the science fair one day! To avoid messes kids can keep their experiments contained, on these table and chair sets.


These DIYs are a great way to keep your kid occupied and wanting to create more of the items. Kids can spend hours playing with slime and not feel bored, so if you’re looking to keep them entertained while you have tasks to do, totally try and see if they like the toy. Hope your kid will love all of these cool DIYs!

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