Baby Milestones: Month-By-Month

Baby Milestones: Month-By-Month

Your baby’s first year is full of exciting milestones and it’s very common for new parents to be a little, well, paranoid about their baby staying on track. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t compare your baby’s development to others, or even to charts, as babies develop at different rates. If you’re concerned that your child hasn’t hit typical milestones for babies during their first year, talk to your pediatrician to ensure healthy development and growth.

Below are baby milestones by month that may be achieved during your baby’s first year, as outlined by the American Pregnancy Association. The milestones are listed so you know what you could expect to see each month, however if your baby has not reached one or more of these milestones, don’t freak out! He or she will probably develop these skills over the next few months.

Here’s a baby milestone chart that highlight what you can expect during your baby’s first year:

One Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Cries to express displeasure
  • Lifts head
  • Recognizes your voice, looking intently as you talk to him or her
  • Looks and follows object moving in front of him or her in range of 45 degrees
  • See patterns in black and white
  • Presents strong grasp reflexes

Two Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Follows dangling objects with eyes
  • Cries become distinctive (wet, hungry, etc.)
  • Demonstrates social smile in response to stimuli
  • Bobs head forward while being held in a sitting position
  • Visually searches for sounds
  • Grasping reflexes decrease

Three Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Recognizes faces, voices and objects
  • Squeals, coos, babbles, and chuckles
  • Bears weight on forearms
  • Begins to bear partial weight on both legs when held in a standing position
  • Clutches his or her own hands and pulls at blankets and clothes
  • “Talks” when spoken to
  • Grasping reflexes are no longer present

Four Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Begins drooling
  • Demonstrates good head control
  • Rolls from his or her back to his or her side
  • Begins demonstrating hand-eye coordination
  • Sits with support
  • Laughs

Five Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Voluntarily grasps and holds objects
  • Rolls from stomach to back
  • Holds head up when sitting
  • Signs of teething begin
  • Can distinguish family from strangers

Six Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Rolls from back to stomach
  • Holds bottle
  • Bears majority of weight when being held in a standing position
  • Recognizes parents
  • Says one syllable sounds like “ma” and “da”

Seven Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Bears full weight on feet
  • Bounces while being held in a standing position
  • Responds to name
  • Transfers objects from one hand to another
  • Has taste preferences
  • Awareness of depth and space begin

Eight Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Begins combining syllables like “mama” and “dada,” but doesn’t understand their meaning
  • Sits well without support
  • Bears weight on legs and may stand while holding onto furniture
  • Understands the word “no”

Nine Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Begins crawling
  • Sits for prolonged period of time (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Responds to simple verbal commands
  • May develop preference for using one hand over the other
  • Pulls him or herself up to standing position from sitting

Ten Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Sits by falling down
  • Moves from stomach to sitting position
  • Lifts one foot to take a step while standing
  • Waves goodbye
  • Enjoys being read to and can follow pictures in books
  • Says “mama” and “dada” with meaning
  • Repeats actions that attract attention

Eleven Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Explores objects more thoroughly
  • Shakes head for “no”
  • Walks while holding onto furniture or other objects
  • Is able to manipulate objects out of tight fitting spaces

Twelve Month Old Baby Milestones

  • Sits down from standing position without help
  • Walks with one hand being help
  • May stand alone and attempt first steps
  • Turns pages in a book
  • Recognizes objects by name
  • Shows affection

It’s normal to anxiously await big milestones like your baby’s first smile or first steps, but the newborn stage will fly by, so take time to enjoy and cherish every day with your little one. Before you know it, he or she will be a toddler!

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