How To Protect Your Kids In The Sun

How To Protect Your Kids In The Sun

Having fun in the sun is one of the best parts of summer. However, the sun’s UV rays can be damaging to the skin, especially in young children. Want to enjoy the great outdoors while protecting your kiddos? Practice sun safety with these 5 Delta Tips:

1. Wait It Out

Infants under six months of age should be kept entirely out of the sun. The science behind it? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a young baby’s skin doesn’t have enough melanin yet — the pigment that gives our skin natural color AND protects us from harmful rays. Therefore, a baby sunburn can be a lot more harmful than it may seem.

2. Seek The Shade

The sun — and therefore, its UV rays — is the strongest in the middle of the day. Check your local UV index to get more specific sun information and tips for how to avoid sun damage. On very sunny days, always take a break from the sun between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Try planning an indoor activity during these hours to protect your kids from any skin damage. This will also give them a chance to rehydrate and refuel for more summer fun in the late afternoon.

3. Cover Up

Hats, sunglasses and lightweight long-sleeve shirts can offer great sun protection in the summer months. When you do go outside with your kids in the sun, make sure they are properly covered up. It’s important to know that wet clothing offers less sun protection than dry clothing, and dark colors will protect skin better than light colors.

4. Slather On Sunblock

Whether you use sunscreen, sunblock or both, it’s extremely important to ensure it’s at least SPF 15 (ideally SPF 30 or above) and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Look for the words “broad-spectrum” to ensure you are getting the safest sunscreen for babies, kids, and adults alike. Don’t forget that the sun’s rays can penetrate cloud cover, so always use sunscreen no matter what the weather looks like. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your child 30 minutes before going outside and reapply frequently throughout the day, especially after going in the water to ensure optimal sun protection.

5. Check With Your Doctor

While there are plenty of tips and tricks available online about sun safety for kids, its best to consult your pediatrician regarding any specific questions you might have about your child. When it comes to fun in the sun, you can never be too safe!


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