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Stay safe and have fun this 4th of July with our 4 Delta Tips!

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4th of July Safety Tips

For children who have been in school through mid-June and adults who have been sitting through sweaty commutes to work since mid-May, Independence Day is the perfect fun holiday to relax or catch up with family and friends while the feeling of summer really sets in. The 4th of July festivities, however, are often accompanied by large crowds and loud events where your children might be easily lost or scared. Have a safe 4th of July with the 4 Delta Tips below:

1. Easily spot children in the dark with glow stick bracelets and necklaces

As is gets later, glow sticks are not only fun for kids, but also helpful for parents. Your kids will love making crowns and hoops and belts out of these fun bendy toys. You will love being able to watch your child decorated in glowing red and blue circles play with their friends nearby. Don’t put too much faith in them though. If your kids are older, it might be helpful to set check-ins and have your kids come tell you where they are and who they’re with every half hour or so. With toddlers, you can keep an eye on them more easily if you settle in a spot farther away from crowds.  

2. Review Stranger Danger leading up to your festivities

No matter their age, remind children to be wary of adults they don’t know. The more you drill it into their heads that they should not talk to anyone who comes up to them or go off with someone they don’t know, the more likely they are to remember if they ever end up in the situation. Teach your child methods to find adults that they trust. Introduce them to your friends, determine what the event staff is wearing, point out some stores, families, or fair booths they could go up to if they needed help. As your children get older, there is nothing scarier than letting them run around on their own. The more you can teach them to be safe and responsible, the more confident you’ll feel when this day comes. 

3. Designate a “Safe Area" if you get separated

If your 4th of July activities bring you to a fair ground, block party, beach barbecue, parade route, or any other public place full of people, make a plan with your child in case they get lost or separated. Choose somewhere your child will know how to find; like a tall statue you can see from anywhere or a table where you’ve left all your stuff. Remind your child that once they reach the safe area, they should not leave until you or another adult they trust finds them. Reassure them that you will do all the looking and their job is to stay put in the “safe” area so you know where to find them.

4. Prepare children for loud noises

No 4th of July is complete without fireworks. If you have very young children, be sure to warn them about the loud noises before the fireworks start so they are not surprised or scared and you both can enjoy the spectacle. Many 4th of July parades can have loud gunshots or cannons. Warn your child to cover their ears before they go off to prevent them from being startled or scared. It may be helpful to bring cotton balls or earplugs in case your child is uncomfortable with the loudness. 

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