5 Tips for Flying with a Toddler

4 Tips for Flying with a Toddler

What’s worse – when a child is crying on an airplane or the angry looks you get when that child is yours? Every parent knows that the travel with kids on the airplane is just one of the many obstacles to a successful family vacation. Avoid toddler tantrums in the sky with these 5 Delta Tips:

1. Get the Right Gear

Wrangling a toddler plus a bulky stroller in a crowded airport is downright impossible. For navigating crowds, you're going to want a model that folds down quickly, and takes up less space than your carry-on. That's why we designed our Clutch Stroller that's small enough to bring into the cabin of a plane. It's true that just about every airline will let you gate check your regular stroller at no cost, but airlines aren't always very gentle with our things. In our minds, it's not worth the risk of arriving at your destination only to find a broken stroller. This stroller is an absolute game changer, and you need it for your next flight!

2. Arrive Early

Getting to the airport early is a good idea for all travelers, but especially those with young children. Depending on the length of your flight, having a few extra minutes in the airport to change a diaper before boarding can save you the stress of doing it on the plane. You can also use this time to feed your child a healthy snack to help prevent hunger related meltdowns once in the air. Plus, most airlines will let families with young children board first, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity by arriving late and adding more stress to traveling with a toddler.

3. Seat Your Toddler Next to the Window

Sitting your child in window seat can help them avoid getting hurt or upset by people and carts moving down the aisle. Depending on the age of your child, it can also help keep them stationary and prevent them from running off to see which movie the people 15 rows ahead of you are watching. The window can also be a great source of entertainment to keep your child busy, especially during take-off and landing.

4. Say Yes to Sweets

When you’re flying with a toddler, you should always be prepared with a whole stash of snacks. Aside from the instant happiness any child gets from sugary treats, toddlers may become distressed when the cabin pressure shifts quickly and giving your child something to suck on can help distract and soothe them. Beat ear pain from changing air pressure with lollipops and sippy cups. If your child is a little older, show them how yawning or plugging their nose can help to relieve ear pressure as well.

5. Stagger Toy Use

Bring out travel toys only when your child gets restless and squirmy. Today, many planes are equipped with individual TVs at every seat. Flying with a toddler might be a good excuse to give your child all the extra screen time they’ve ever earned. Most planes have a kid’s channel or a good Disney movie that you can set your child up with. If you’re flying with kids who are a little older, encourage them to read or draw. Keep your child’s favorite toy or game tucked away until it is absolutely necessary due to a full-on temper tantrum or meltdown.

And finally, when the plane lands and you and your child have made it to your destination, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for successfully navigating how to travel with kids.


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