Most-Loved Baby Names for 2019

Naming your baby is undeniably hard. It’s your job, as their parent, to pick a name that will define them for their entire life. You’ll want to pick a special and unique baby name, but not one that’s too far out of left field. It’s hard to match a name to a baby you haven’t met yet, which is why many parents come up with a few that they like and make the final decision once their little bundle is out in the world. So, we rounded up 30 popular unique baby names you’re sure to love.

Unique Baby Boy Names:

  1. Aiden
    • Meaning: ‘little fire’
  2. Arthur
    • Meaning: unknown, but likely a combination of Artos‘bear’ combined with Viros‘man’ or Rigos‘king’
  3. Bryson
    • Meaning: ‘Son of Brice’
  4. Caleb
    • Meaning: a combination of ‘whole, all of’ and ‘heart’
  5. Gabriel
    • Meaning: ‘God is my strong man’
  6. Grayson
    • Meaning: ‘son of the steward’
  7. Hugo
    • Meaning: ‘heart, mind, spirit’
  8. Landon
    • Meaning: ‘long hill’ or ‘ridge’
  9. Roman
    • Meaning: ‘of Rome’
  10. Sebastian
    • Meaning: ‘Revered’

Unique Gender-Neutral Unisex Baby Names:

  1. Charlie
    • Meaning: ‘man’
  2. Avery
    • Meaning: ‘elf and counsel’
  3. Dylan
    • Meaning: ‘great, tide, flow’
  4. Finley
    • Meaning: ‘white or fair’ or ‘fair-haired warrior’
  5. Hunter
    • Meaning: ‘to hunt one’s food’
  6. Payton
    • Meaning: ‘fighting man’s estate’
  7. Rowan
    • Meaning: ‘red’, often in reference to red hair
  8. Skylar
    • Meaning: from a Dutch surname meaning ‘scholar’
  9. Tyler
    • Meaning: ‘tiler of roofs’
  10. Wyatt
    • Meaning: ‘wide or wood’

Unique Baby Girl Names:

  1. Adeline
    • Meaning: ‘noble’
  2. Aubrey
    • Meaning: ‘fair ruler of the little people’
  3. Aurora
    • Meaning: ‘dawn’
  4. Beatrice
    • Meaning: ‘blessed, happy’
  5. Clara
    • Meaning: ‘bright or clear’
  6. Cora
    • Meaning: ‘maiden’
  7. Evelyn
    • Meaning: ‘life’
  8. Mila
    • Meaning: ‘gracious’
  9. Pearl
    • Meaning: ‘pearl jewelry’
  10. Winnie
    • Meaning: ‘white, fair, blessed’
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