Staying Indoors vs. Going Outdoors

How a Healthy Balance is Beneficial 


Now that school is back in session, our children are learning and socializing the majority of their day. But what about when they get home? Or on the weekends? Before the days get shorter, and cold weather approaches, it’s prime time to get our kids out the door and experience what nature has to offer. Kids today have so many options of what they can do with their free time whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Parents need to lay out these options and figure out the perfect balance for their family, and we’re here to help!


We have seen and heard many parents frustrated with the amount of time their children spend on electronic devices whether it's a phone, an iPad or their video game console. Often when your children come home from a long day at school, instead of asking to go to the park, they would rather just sit and watch TV or play games on their phones instead. A lot of parents would say "back in our time, our parents would have to beg for us to come inside!" Well times are changing and so is the form of entertainment our children are interested in. Read on to understand the benefits of both outdoor and indoor play, as well as how much time your child should be spending in both environments.

Indoor Play

Kids of this generation have never known a world without devices, it’s an essential part of their life whether it’s at home, school, friends’ houses or anywhere else they go. Technology is a great way for children to stay in contact with their friends and learn new things from the safety of their homes. They can now communicate and play games with their friends online without even having to leave their rooms. If you are a parent who isn’t too sure about letting your kids near technology, don’t be too hard on yourself as this is the struggle many parents face. Luckily, there are other fun activities to try in the home that require zero electronics and lots of creativity. Ideas like water bottle bowling, indoor mini golf, or a classic like building a fort! Check out our article 50 Rainy Day Activities For Kids for many more ideas that will keep your children entertained, open up their creative minds, and connect as a family. 

Outdoor Play

There are many ways for kids to get outdoors. Outdoor play can include taking your kids to the park, playing sports and other fun activities that you can't do from home. Outdoor play is a great way to keep your kids physically healthy and in shape by exercising. Just a couple hours of outdoor play will do wonders for a child's health. Having your kids play outdoors can also prepare them better socially. They would not just be talking to people they know, but also making friends outside their schools and comfort zones. Of course taking your kids outdoors also requires you to physically take them out and pick them up which might not be possible for a lot of parents who work long hours. Some ways to work around a busy schedule is to ask for help from family or friends, or schedule a playdate with a parent you trust that has the flexibility to be there. To sum it up, letting your kids play outdoors is a healthy way for them to get engaged socially and stay in shape.


Outdoor and indoor play both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no harm in letting your kids spend time enjoying both. As times change so do the ways parents teach their kids. The children of today need a safe balance of each for the best success in growing up! 

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