How To Buy A Safe Baby Stroller

How To Buy A Safe Stroller

When you create your baby registry, you’ll likely add a ton of adorable onesies and toys, plus essential items like a changing table, crib and stroller.

According to Consumer Reports, four million strollers are sold each year and some are safer to use than others, with the majority of stroller-related accidents resulting from falls. When it comes to strollers, there are a variety of options available and it’s important to make sure you keep safety top of mind as you search for your new set of wheels.

What To Look For When Buying A Stroller

Age, Height and Weight Requirements

Lightweight strollers are great for families on-the-go, but most lightweight and umbrella strollers aren’t suitable for newborns. These strollers aren’t recommended unless your baby is able to fully sit up on his or her own, typically around six months of age. If you have your heart set on a lightweight baby stroller, look for a model that can be completely reclined or can accept a car seat.

You should also be aware that while certain jogging strollers can accommodate newborns, you shouldn’t begin running with your baby until he or she is at least six months old, as most babies can't hold their head up until that age.

You may find yourself buying three or four strollers as your baby gets older unless you take the time to look for key features that allow your stroller to grow with your little one. Check your stroller’s maximum weight capacity. Lightweight and umbrella strollers typically have a 35-pound limit, while jogging and full-size strollers typically have a weight limit of 50 pounds. Look for strollers that fully recline and have a footrest so that your baby can nap comfortably as he or she enters the toddler years.

Standard Stroller Safety Features

You can make sure you’re buying a safe stroller by looking for a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification on your preferred choice of stroller. All Delta Children strollers, including our J is for Jeep brand, are JPMA certified. This means that all of our strollers meet or exceed the federal standards for safety.

Harness and Stroller Straps

Babies should always be secured in a five-point safety harness that’s easy to quickly buckle and adjust, so make sure the stroller you choose offers this type of harness. Remember to always strap your child into their stroller, whether you are just taking a quick trip or even if you are staying stationary. You might forget to strap in before you get moving and it is the best way to prevent accidents from occurring!

Brakes on Jogging Strollers

All strollers should have brakes, preventing the wheels from rolling while the stroller is stationary. JPMA has requirements that limit the rotation of the wheels while the brakes are engaged. Check how easy it is for the brakes to disengage, some will easily unlock with just a slight pressure.

Hinges and Other Adjustable Features

Check for any adjustable features, such as handles, cupholders and storage bins, that can become loose and pinch your little one’s fingers or toes. These features should be out of your baby’s reach and covered with soft fabric to prevent injury.


Look for a stroller with a canopy that’s large enough to protect your baby from the sun, rain, wind and other elements. It’s imperative for air circulation that you never drape a blanket over your stroller, so be sure that the capoy is extendable to protect against all types of weather.


Yes, you want a safe and comfortable spot for your baby to ride, but your comfort is important too! If you and your partner will both be pushing the stroller, look for an option with adjustable handles, which minimizes discomfort when you’re dealing with a significant height difference.

Consider the stroller’s ease of use. If you’ll be strolling with baby in tow and a coffee in hand, make sure you’re able to maneuver the stroller one-handed. And for urban moms, make sure the stroller will be able to fit through tight spaces and is a manageable weight to easily carry in and out of a taxis, subways or other modes of transportation.

Shop Delta Children Strollers Today!

There’s no way to say which stroller is best, it’s all about your family’s specific needs. With so many styles and features, find a stroller that fits your requirements without jeopardizing your baby’s safety. Learn more about Delta Children’s stroller safety standards and shop our products here.

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