20 Fun Family Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect holiday to show off your creativity! You can dress up as whatever or whoever you want. Kids often love to dress up as their favorite movie character or video game character. Below are some fun ideas of what you and your family can dress up as together this Halloween!

If you are going Trick-or-Treating with your kids, make traveling easier by using these wagon strollers that will hold all your candy, costume accessories and more. Happy Haunting!

Costumes for Families with Multiple Children

1. 101 Dalmatians

@danidx11 on Instagram

 2. Paw Patrol

Jess from That Millennial Momma Blog

3. Wreck-it Ralph

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola from See Vanessa Craft

4. Care Bears 


Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola from See Vanessa Craft

5. Mario Party

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola from See Vanessa Craft

6. Incredibles Family  

Valerie from Costume Works

 7. Baby Shark

@vickichanmd on Instagram

 8. Periodic Table of Elements

@mrs_daley4 on Twitter

 9. Inside Out 

From Costume Works

10. Pokémon

Melissa C.

Costumes for Families with a Newborn Baby

1. Finding Nemo

From SoCal Fun Family

2. Ratatouille

Lauren Packer

3. Sushi Roll and Chef

Jean Wang from Extra Petite 

 4. Rapunzel

Cara Loren from Cara Loren blog

 5. Aladdin

@jasminehridley on Instagram

6. Fairly OddParents

Caitlin Shea

7. Where’s Waldo

Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

8. Wizard of Oz

Daphne from Moo Moo’s and Tutus

9. Alice in Wonderland

Haley Neff

10. Winnie the Pooh

@legalibrium on Instagram 

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