Not Sure What to Buy? Color Psychology Can Help!

Have you ever thought about how colors affect peoples’ minds and emotions? Colors influence our moods, behaviors, ways of thinking, reactions, etc. Maybe you are looking for some furniture that expresses comfort; the colors blue, green, and white may be what you are looking for. If your child is energetic and courageous, go for red! Before you go mixing and matching between colors, you should make sure they work well together, to create the aesthetic you are looking for!


Warm colors


Red is often associated with strong emotions, love, power, courage, energy, and passion. The color is used to draw attention, create excitement, and give a boost of confidence.

Great representations of optimism and bravery are Mickey Mouse, with his iconic red shorts and Spiderman, as he is a superhero that is always ready to swoop in and save the day. If your child is a fan of cars and loves the color red, check out the Lightning McQueen Toddler-to-Twin Bed, Turbo Race Car Twin Bed, or the Grand Prix Race Car Toddler-to-Twin Bed!


If your child loves to watch Elmo, gift them the cozy Elmo toddler chair to relax in!

Red works well with yellow, white, green, blue, and black. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used. Check out the many different black dressers that would work well with a red bed or chair!


Yellow correlates with happiness, positivity, brightness, energy, confidence, enthusiasm, etc. The color is often used to energize and make the viewer cheerful.

The iconic and kids’ favorite character, SpongeBob, displays such qualities, as he’s always full of energy and happy-go-lucky. Decorating your kids’ room with SpongeBob will most definitely brighten up your child’s/children’s day and room, as he is almost always enthusiastic and shines bright as a yellow sponge under the sea.

Yellow works well with many colors such as red, green, blue, white, purple, and pink. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used. If you’re looking for a more colorful SpongeBob seat, go for the SpongeBob Upholstered Chair.


Cool Colors


Blue is often associated with calmness, peace, stability, responsibility, and integrity. The color is used to reduce stress and relax your mind.

The Avengers are well-known superheroes that fight evil and bring back peace and stability. Have your child/children sleep in the Avengers Upholstered Twin Bed to help them believe in the good of helping others and being courageous. The ocean is a great place to relieve your stress and feel at peace.

The Baby Shark products are wonderful for ocean and shark lovers. Baby Shark is well-loved since kids are more attracted to brighter colors which make people happy, and the song is catchy with it’s easy to listen to beats.

Blue works well with yellow, orange, white, and pink. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used.

The Trolls Table and Chair set is a great representation of pink and blue complimenting each other. Their light colors represent fun and happiness, just like how the Trolls movie is full of singing and dancing excitedly.


Green is often associated with nature, safety, health, luck, stability, growth, etc. The color is often used to create balance and revitalize yourself.

Green tends to reduce pressure and calms you, so check out our large road map rug full of greenery to read books on or play toy cars on the roads.

Green works well with red, yellow, blue, purple, brown, and gray. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used.

The PJ Masks Multi-Bin Toy Organizer utilizes red, green, and blue making it colorful and great for organizing toys by color.


Cool or Warm Colors Depending on Shade and Hue


Pink is often associated with affectionate emotions, love, compassion, sympathy, being friendly, soft, caring, and gentle. The color is used to motivate and encourage creativity.

Spice up your child’s room by adding a Princess Plastic Toddler Bed with Canopy to make the room more magical. Many children look up to and fantasize about Disney Princesses, and princesses tend to have the qualities of being kind and loving which is a great influence.

Minnie Mouse’s signature color is pink, and she’s known to be sweet, cute, and feminine, with the famous pink and white polka-dotted bow.

Pink works well with blue, green, yellow, and white. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used.



Purple is often associated with fantasy, creativity, wisdom, mystery, magic, royalty, and luxury. The color is often used to inspire and represent extravagance, royalty, prosperity, and richness.

Unicorns are known to be mythical creatures that can use magic and are cute and charming to children. Sleeping in a Unicorn Upholstered Twin Bed will make the sleeping experience even more magical as your child’s dreams and imagination runs wild.

Purple works well with yellow, orange, and green. The results may vary depending on the different shades and hues used. 


Neither Cool nor Warm


Black correlates with sophistication, power, mystery, darkness, and night. The color is often used to showcase authority and strength.

The popular comic book character, Batman, is sophisticated, strong, and intelligent. Gift your child a superhero to protect them and make them feel safe at night.

Black works best with white. Create a contrasting and sophisticated look with white drawers or nightstands.


White is linked to purity, hope, radiance, softness, and peace. White is often used to create a sense of safety, security, and cleanliness.

Having your children sleep in our white cribs on a soft mattress will make their night more secure and peaceful.

White works best with black. Black and white are contrasting colors that go hand in hand that create a modern look.

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