4 Design Tips for Creating the DIY Nursery of Your Dreams

We have a 3-year-old little boy and a daughter due any minute. I've spent the better part of the last few weeks (OK, months) designing, scheming and planning a dream nursery for our sweet girl. I learned quite a few lessons the first time around when designing a nursery for our son, so decorating a nursery for a second baby has been a much easier process. Without a doubt, I learned what to splurge on and what elements in her room I can DIY to create a peaceful, functional space that will grow right along with her.

Here are four of my favorite DIY design tips to create the nursery of your dreams:

1. Choose Furniture That Can Grow Into Childhood

Certain pieces of furniture are must-haves for a nursery – such as a glider and crib – but quickly become relics as your child grows if you don’t choose carefully. When shopping for a nursery chair and crib, be sure to look for one that can grow with your family. I love the Delta Children 3-in-1 Charleston Crib because it can be configured into three different styles to accommodate a baby, toddler or big kid while using the same mattress and frame. We plan to use our son's crib converted into a toddler bed until he officially grows too big for it, so we've got some years ahead of us!

When it comes to a rocker or glider, look for a chair in a style and neutral tone that you love. Once your little grows out of the rocking stage, you will still have a beautiful piece that can turn into the perfect living room chair! We chose the Delta Children Charlotte Glider for our daughter's space. I love the soft "sand" color and the feel of the fabric – I recently told my husband that it reminds me of a soft sweatshirt!

2. Decorate With Family Heirlooms, Gifts and Unexpected Items

While I was decorating my daughter's nursery, I felt like there was a big blank space on the wall behind her rocker that I just couldn't fill. Thankfully, I looked in the nursery closet and spotted a hand smocked gown that my mother-in-law made for the baby. The gown was the perfect shape to fill the long, narrow space and it cost me exactly zero dollars. I grabbed a pink infant hanger and a clear hook, and 30 seconds later we had a gorgeous wall. This would be a great way to display baby's “coming home” outfit or a favorite hand-me-down. I also used gifts from our friends and family (and little items I had previously purchased) to decorate her shelves. Her first pair of shoes, her current stash of hair bows, a handful of books borrowed from big brother and framed family photos from around the house filled out her shelves perfectly and will all be items she uses and loves.

3. Hit Your Local Vintage Market

Vintage markets are an amazing resource for unique rugs (think Kilim, which are very much in style right now!), lamps, drawer pulls and décor. If you find a good lamp base that you love, remember that you can swap out a dated lamp shade with a super inexpensive one from your favorite home décor store. And nothing freshens up a set of closet doors like a set of new-to-you door pulls with vintage flair!

4. Monograms and Personalization

I love, love, love seeing my children's names embroidered, printed or painted onto anything when I'm pregnant – something about seeing those sweet letters makes everything seem so much more real. My favorite way to see their names come to life is to take inexpensive blankets, burp clothes and pillow covers to my local monogram shop and have their initials or name stitched into each piece. My absolute favorite mom-hack is to use Gerber cloth diapers as burp rags and lovies – they cost so little and are so durable, they can handle anything. Add a sweet baby name and you're all set!

What are your favorite DIY tips and tricks for your nursery spaces?

For more photos of our nursery – and a complete source list – head over to Olive and Tate or my Instagram!

These images were taken by real parents and do not reflect the standards of Delta Children. They are meant for inspiration only. For more information on creating a safe nursery and life-saving tips, please visit our safety page.

All photography by Christa Rene Photography.

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