How To Keep Your Kids Safe At Every Summer Barbecue

Summer is right around the corner, and with that comes pool parties, the great outdoors and cookouts galore. But those gatherings can also straddle the line of safety for kids, especially when grills get involved.

The good news? You and your family can enjoy every summer social while staying protected from open flames and hot surfaces. Here are 3 quick tips to stay safe at a barbecue:

  1. Keep An Eye On The Kiddos

Whether it’s you or another trusted adult, make sure children understand that a grill is an adult-only zone (unless they get special permission). Still having trouble with kids running rampant? Try playing a game with them far away from the flame so the other adults can cook safely. The United State Fire Administration recommends at least a three-foot “kid-free” radius around grills.

  1. Put The Grill In The Correct Position

Be sure to follow all instructions that come with the grill and only use it outside. Plus, set your barbecue up away from deck railings, low-hanging branches and other flammable materials, and keep a fire extinguisher close by. Need some tips on choosing the right fire extinguisher? Click HERE.

  1. Always Clean It Up

One of the best ways to keep your kids (and yourself!) safe during barbecues is to make sure your grill is in tip-top shape! Frequently remove grease and fat buildup, and once your grill is cooled, clean thoroughly with a non-wire brush.

Check out the United State Fire Administration for more information on fire and grill safety.

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