5 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Play Outside

Like most moms, a part of me is desperately dreading summertime. No school means unlimited hours of freedom for all types of mischief. For many overworked and tired parents, our go-to savior is the television. Outside play just isn’t the same anymore. In the age of technology, children need a little more stimulation than a backyard and a water hose. Believe me, I am not judging you. Instead, let’s go through five ways to encourage outside play.

  1. Biking Never Goes Out Of Style

My number one goal for outside play is to find an activity that is stimulating and exhausting. I am sure your eyebrows perked up a little here but I love activities requiring a lot of energy. You know, the ones that leave little ones tuckered out and ready for a warm bath and bedtime. Living in the city, bike riding has become plenty of fun for us. With a budding four-year-old, we are still learning the tricks of riding solo, so I accompany my little one on her Diggin Active Skuut wooden bike. (Eco-friendly coupled with adorableness goes a long way.) We will eventually move up to pedaling but for now, our Skuut works just fine.

  1. Museum Play Is Educational And Fun

If you live near a major city, then you most likely have easy access to art and historical museums. Many museums provide kid-friendly activities during the week and others, like The Children's Museum, are solely dedicated to young learning minds. We love to visit our local museums to mix and mingle with other moms and children. Museums also teach children that learning about history and the arts can be plenty of fun, especially through storybook readings, arts and crafts, and creative lessons on subjects that may not be as fun to learn about in a classroom. Contact your local museums to find out what activities they offer for kids.

  1. Utilize Your Local Parks

As a mom blogger, I absolutely love having mommy meet-ups at our local park. It is a great spot to connect with other moms and provides plenty of playmates for my little one. We have been a part of mommy jogging stroller groups and stay-at-home mom groups that get together and allow children to play with one another in the comfort of a safe, clean environment. Pack a light lunch, a picnic blanket, some imagination and enjoy unlimited hours of fun!

  1. Have A Bubble Blowing Contest

I’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t completely lose their mind at the sight of bubbles – my daughter included. We’ve spent countless hours blowing bubbles into the wind. In fact, when she was younger, I would use a bubble machine and laugh watching her attempt to catch (and eat) the bubbles floating through the air. It was almost magical. As she’s gotten a little older, I have taught her how to blow her own, which allows me to sit back and relax while I watch her have a great time.

  1. Enjoy A Day Of Duck Feeding

My daughter is a lover of all animals, so when we are in need of fresh air and quiet time, I love to take her to the local pond to feed the ducks. We always make sure we are in an area that allows feeding and bring food that is safe for them to eat. This outside activity is great bonding time for us. It is peaceful and very interactive with the animals, and gives us the chance to talk about the beauty of nature while allowing her to express herself.

We know there are plenty of other ways to enjoy outside play. Tell us some of your favorites below!

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