Delta Clutch Vs. GB Pockit: Which One is The Best Option?

Mommy blogger Christian Mulkey compared our Clutch Stroller against one of its biggest competitors. Read on to see what she found!

With two kids and traveling often, having a good travel stroller is a must in our family. Since becoming a mom a few years ago, I struggled to find THE one. I researched, read others reviews, and bought a few different ones. Some top rated. Some expensive. Some cheap. Some that didn’t even last one airplane ride. After flying with my kids, who at the time were two under two, I knew I needed to kick it into gear and get a stroller that was the perfect fit for our family on our travel adventures. I stumbled across the two most known strollers for traveling with babies and children; the Delta Clutch Stroller and the GB Pockit stroller. We decided on the Delta Clutch and have been in love since last fall. But I decided to put them both to the test and today I am going to tell you why I still chose the Delta Clutch as the best option.

The Clutch Stroller

The Delta Clutch stroller is known for being extremely compact, collapsable in three seconds, and easy to maneuver. When we first got ours, my husband and I were absolutely shocked on just how small it collapsed into. So small in can fit into a travel bag, which also came with it. This is perfect for road trips, train rides, airplanes, and even day to day park trips.

The Clutch Stroller

With a weight of just 11.7 pounds, I was also surprised on just how easy it was to move, carry, and fold up with one hand because mom life! One of the other huge selling points for me was the price. Compared to the GB Pockit, the price was significantly lower. We have used ours regularly since November 2018 and it has yet to tear, stain, and show any sign of problems. For the trails and walks we have done with living in the mountains on top of traveling, that is impressive in its self.

Unlike the Pockit, the Clutch has full swivel ability making it much easier to turn, back up, or move faster. After comparing the two side by side, there was a noticeable difference in the sunshades. The GB Pockit was smaller and more flimsy where as the Delta Clutch was much more sturdy and covered more shade space ensuring our child was less likely to be in the sun. I also was taken back by the difference in the breaks. Often I put the stroller breaks on while in line or grabbing food for extra security. The Pockit break was tiny, much harder to reach, and took me a few tries. The Clutch is bigger, easier to reach with sandals, and conveniently labeled.

Although both strollers do have a storage compartment underneath, the Delta Clutch was noticeably bigger. Lastly, the over all ease of the Delta Clutch was a huge factor for us. It’s simple to assemble(literally a few seconds), has a 5 point harness, is a smooth ride, and even fits in my diaper backpack if needed when I don’t have the carry bag. The quality and price is unbeatable, which are two of the biggest factors I look at when purchasing baby and children items. Overall, the Delta Clutch yet again won my heart. After comparing the two, I would still choose the Delta Clutch and believe it is the best compact travel stroller on the market!

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The Clutch Stroller

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