Ultimate Guide to Big Kid Rooms

So, your little kid isn’t so little anymore and it’s time to transition to their big kid room. Now, you’ve got to work on creating a space that’s just right for them. Our advice? Start with one of our 6-piece kids’ bedroom sets and get creative from there!

Styles for Everyone

Do you have a little superhero or princess at home? Maybe JoJo Siwa’s biggest fan or a Minnie Mouse aficionado? Then we’ve got the kids’ bedroom set for you! Our sets are carefully curated to include styles and colors that both kids and parents are sure to love. Your little ballerina will go nuts over our Isabella collection, and your little man will give the Mason set his seal of approval. Browse all of our sets together and pick one that matches their style and the aesthetic of your home.

The Bed

Contrary to what your kids might think, bedrooms, first and foremost, are for sleeping! And who can get a good night’s sleep without a comfortable bed? If you’ve got a kid who’s downright impossible to keep down, try one of our upholstered beds adorned with their favorite characters. They’ll be excited to lay beneath their favorite character, and hopefully, stay put for the night.

The Nightstand

You’ll also want to set up a functional nightstand space. If they can keep a water bottle and quiet activity close at hand, 3:00AM drink requests and 5:00AM wake up calls can be avoided. Plus, it’s a great spot to stick a reading lamp for bedtime stories, and an alarm clock when it comes time to get up for school.

The Mattress

The most important piece of this puzzle is, by far, the mattress. Our mattresses are the most important ingredient in the recipe for a good night’s sleep. Kids will quickly and easily fall into a deep, restful sleep. Plus, our top-of-the-line memory foam prevents tossing and turning by gently conforming to their bodies. This will protect them from a world of easily avoidable back troubles, too! Our mattresses are specially designed for growing kids, and countless parents have attested to an improvement in their kids sleep quality after switching to one of our mattresses.


Ah the dresser. What you may think is the most boring part of your kids’ room, can actually be one of the most useful. At this point, we’re all familiar with Marie Kondo: the soothing Japanese woman who’s successfully sparked joy around the world by helping us organize our homes. A quick search on Pinterest reveals tons of folding methods you can use to maximize space in your new dresser without driving yourself crazy.

We (us here at Delta and Marie too!) recommend starting by getting rid of clothes and accessories that don’t ‘spark joy’. For kids, this means anything that doesn’t fit, they haven’t worn in a while, or they refuse to wear. Go through everything together so they have a say in what stays and what goes. Set aside the rejects for a month or so before consigning or donating, then shop together for new pieces. The setting aside step is especially important for younger kids with fickle senses of style. That robot t-shirt they wouldn’t be caught dead in last week may be the height of fashion the next.


Each of our 6-piece kids’ bedroom sets includes a storage piece like a toy box or bookshelf, and we love using these pieces to create a cozy reading nook. Start by going through their current library and clearing out books that are below their current reading level and tuck aside a few favorites to save. All those too-easy books can be donated to local schools, libraries, daycares, and more! Ask neighbors or call around to see which organizations will accept what you have. We love repeating this process yearly, right at the beginning of the school year!


A new bed means new sheets, and we're including a super-soft set to snuggle up in. We went with a basic white so they'll go with everything, too!

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