How to Plan the Ultimate Baby Shower

From fun games to tasty appetizers, the baby shower is a special day for expectant moms. Baby showers can be gender-neutral, or baby shower invitations, decorations, and games can celebrate the baby’s gender.

Although a friend or family member usually hosts, the mom-to-be should be consulted when planning a baby shower. It’s important to capture her style and preferences, while sticking to your budget. Below, we break down some of our best tips to keep in mind when planning a baby shower.

Baby Shower Themes

Thinking of throwing an all-white baby shower? The color white signifies goodness, innocence, and purity, while providing the flexibility to customize décor with pops of a signature color. Whether the guest-of-honor is expecting a little boy or girl, a white baby shower can give you a solid foundation upon which you can build a personalized theme.

Or, if the mom-to-be’s extended family and friends reside in far-away places, a big holiday can serve as inspiration for the shower. Everyone will already be together, and who can say no to double the celebrations!

Baby shower themes can also be simple, like a design such as polka dots or stars, or can reflect a mom’s favorite childhood book, such as Curious George or The Little Prince. There are plenty of creative ways to shower your loved one (and her little one) with love.

Baby Shower Invitations

It can be tough to address baby shower invitations. First, you and the mom-to-be should discuss who’s invited. Some expectant moms choose to keep the guest list strictly open to the women in their life, while others opt for a co-ed shower and include their partner in everything from opening gifts to participating in baby shower games.

Once you’ve decided on your guest list, it’s time to choose the invitations. From homemade paper invitations to Paperless Posts, there are so many options to consider when selecting a baby shower invitation. Your invitation can reflect the baby shower theme, or you can keep it simple.

Baby Shower Games

Everyone loves babies, but not everyone loves baby shower games. The right baby shower game can break the ice and get the party rolling. Keep your crowd happy with interactive games that everyone can enjoy. Some popular games are “Guess Mommy’s Waist,” a baby & mommy version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” or “Guess the Baby Food.”

When considering which baby shower activities to include, the biggest thing to think about is the mother-to-be and her opinion. Her shower may be the first time some of her guests are meeting, so inappropriate games may not be the best choice. Your mom-to-be may have family traditions that she’ll want to include in the shower. From goofy to classy, there are endless baby shower games to choose from, so find ones that fits the guest of honor’s personality best.

Baby Shower Cakes

Sweet treats are an essential of any baby shower, so choosing the right baby shower cake can feel daunting. Similar to your invitations, you can opt for a decorative cake that reflects the baby shower theme, or go for something more simply decorated. Or, if the baby shower is combined with a gender reveal, the cake may be a way for the expectant parents to use blue or pink cake batter to share their big news.

Some hosts prefer to serve baby shower cupcakes, which means less mess from cake-cutting and more opportunity for guests to indulge in an evenly-distributed portion (or go back for seconds!) The cupcakes can be just creative as a full-sized cake. Assess your guest list or number of confirmed RSVPs when deciding which dessert option best fits your budget.

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