Teaching Potty-Training and Proper Hygiene

You may think your toddler isn’t prepared or ready to take on new challenges, but oftentimes toddlers will learn quicker than you can blink! Now is the time to teach them the basics of proper hygiene and more!



Oh, the dreaded potty-training talk - we promise it doesn’t have to be that bad! It feels like your kids are in diapers forever and then all of the sudden they’re all grown up - which is why it’s important to teach your kids proper hygiene at a young age.

As parents, we learn every day that our kids learn quickly and pick up habits we didn’t know were possible. Teaching your kids something new, like potty-training, is already difficult, but not when you have the perfect potty to set them up for success!

Every kid develops at different speeds, so there is no definitive age for when to start potty-training your toddler. Most experts have agreed that potty-training your kids before the age of 2 is a big no-no, as they are not physically developed enough. Experts in the field suggest teaching kids to use the potty between the time frame of 24-36 months old. Potty-training will teach your child independence and responsibility.

When you’re ready to begin the potty-training process, you’ll want your kids to be as comfortable as possible. Luckily, there is a variety of training seats, step stools, and potties to help your little one start this new journey in the most comfortable way possible. This potty in particular comes with a step stool in a 2-piece set, and resembles an adult toilet, making it easier for kids to transition over once they are older. The included step stool helps kids reach the potty without much trouble, along with helping them reach the sink afterwards to wash their hands. With all the integrated additions to the potty, such as a removable bowl, splash guards, non-slip feet and even more, it is the ideal tool for both parents and children during this process!



Washing Hands

Adults all know that immediately following toilet use, we head straight for the sink to wash our hands. Teaching hand washing when potty-training your toddlers is an essential step.

A sink also serves as a place for kids to brush their teeth, and a multifunctional sink made just for kids, is the perfect way to teach kids proper hygiene. This sink features a 3-in-1 design that is able to convert into a step stool to help your kids reach their potty, or a bath toy to entertain them during bath time, on top of being a fantastic sink. With an easy-push faucet, it resembles an adult size sink, encouraging healthy habits and good hygiene from a young age.

Washing hands has become more important than ever, whether it’s before a meal, after playing outside, coming home from school or after going potty. A tool designed just for your little on is a simple way to build good hygienic practices.

Teaching your toddler something new is always going to be a challenge, but after they learn how to do new things on their own, the reward is priceless.

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