5 Playdate Ideas for Toddlers

5 Playdate Ideas for Toddlers

As your little one gets older, playdates become a major part of their life. Hosting playdates provides you with an opportunity to foster your child’s social skills while creating a safe environment for them and their friends, plus other moms will be ecstatic to have some alone time while their kids are out of the house!

Consider these fun activities to make your child’s next playdate one they’ll remember.

1. Book Club

Centering a playdate around books promotes an interest in reading. Head to your local library with your child and their friends to browse the selection of children’s books. Point out your favorites, including some from your own childhood, to get the kids excited about reading. Once each child selects a book or two, head home for an afternoon of reading aloud. If you’re up for the challenge, consider adding a craft to your playdate that focuses on a book’s theme. This activity will enhance your child’s language and fine motor skills by combining social and educational tasks.

2. Sidewalk Chalk Art

There’s a blank canvas for your little artist right outside your door! Have a bucket of sidewalk chalk handy and watch as the kids create their own masterpieces. If you child and their friends need ideas, show them how to trace each other and color it in, or teach them how to play hopscotch. Encourage them to draw whole worlds on your driveway or practice the letters they are learning in school. This simple activity will keep them busy all afternoon and allows kids to express themselves through art.

3. Make Your Own Pizza

This activity is perfect for kids of all ages, because who doesn’t love pizza? Set up a pizza station at your kitchen table and allow everyone to make themselves a cheesy treat! Be sure to take the necessary safety precautions when working near an oven. While the pizzas are cooking, have the kids decorate their own placemats with construction paper and markers, and include any other fun art supplies you have lying around. If you’re hosting a playdate with younger toddlers (ages 1-2), consider using Play-Doh instead of pizza dough to create a variety of delicious toppings for their no-cook pizza. A cardboard box makes a great makeshift oven!

4. Shaving Cream Party

Your playdate is sure to be a hit with this fun (and messy) activity! Combine shaving cream with liquid watercolors to create a palette of puffy paint fit for even the littlest artist. Whether your kids and their guests prefer to use brushes or hands, this sensory activity allows them to turn a piece of white paper into a work of art. This fun activity can get messy, so consider moving it outdoors!

5. Movie Night

You’ll inevitably have a house full of kids on a Friday night, and what better way to unwind from the week than with a playdate movie night? Whether it’s your little one’s favorite animated Disney film or Frozen (for the 3rd time that week), stock up on popcorn and relax with the kids. To bring your movie night to the next level, pajamas, candy, and pillow forts are all easy additions to create a fun and cozy Friday night.

Playdates provide a unique opportunity to encourage your little one’s growth while witnessing their social skills develop firsthand. Planning the perfect playdate may feel overwhelming, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule to follow. Get to know your kid’s friends and their interests, and cherish your time together. Before you know it, they’ll be planning their own playdates!


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